Monday, February 15, 2010

ST:TMP Trading Cards

Topps released a set of Star Trek: The Motion Picture trading cards in 1979. The set consist of 88 cards and 22 stickers. I managed to collect 12 of the stickers and all but one of the cards (#33 - "Andorian Close-Up"). Unlike other trading cards in my collection, these cards seem to be from the U.S. release. I picked up some of these at the Maplecon 5 science fiction convention in Ottawa, July 15th or 16th 1983. Others I picked up on 3 September 1983, I believe from Capital City Cards in Ottawa.

Card #1 features a handy checklist on the back.

The stickers. My sticker doubles went up on the side of my dresser. They are still there to this day, although the dresser is now in my parents' storage room.

I'm sure I must have been irritated at the time about missing a single card from the set.

The backs of some of the cards featured puzzle pieces. Four separate pictures could be constructed from these.

Other card backs featured a plot summary, actor bios, production crew bios, and quotes from several people associated with the film.

These are the wrappers in which individual packs were sealed. I've included 3 samples here, identical save for the different advertising.

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