Sunday, February 7, 2010

Star Trek transcripts

Perhaps the craziest thing I have done as a Star Trek fan involved my attempt to transcribe each and every episode of the original Star Trek series. I began by taping the audio of an episode off of the television using the no-tech method of placing my cassette recorder's mic near the television speaker. I would then spend hours going back through the audio writing down dialogue and ancillary description as warranted. Finally I would type up the completed manuscript along with a count of the total number of words spoken by each cast member. Now that is dedication! I hate to think how many hours of my childhood were spent in this pursuit. I guess I enjoyed it at the time. It was good typing practice too!

Here's a sample rough draft -- this for the episode A Taste of Armageddon. I didn't get around to typing this one up.

Here's the final copy transcript for City on the Edge of Forever. Included here are a sample page taken from the final scene, as well as the dialogue stats. (Given that these were aired in syndication, it is likely that several seconds or even minutes were cut from the episode, so these stats likely aren't all that accurate.)

Another typed transcript, for The Doomsday Machine.

I tracked progress on this as I went along -- I got this far and a little further before giving up and moving on to other things.

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