Thursday, February 25, 2010

Return of the Jedi Premiere

I caught the theatrical release of Return of the Jedi on Friday 27 May 1983, its third day of release.

Here's the 27 May entry from my diary: "Today I saw Return of the Jedi, the third Star Wars movie but the last of the first trilogy. Dave Agulnik, Dave Albert and I left school right at 3:30 and got to Somerset Theatre at 4:10. We waited in line (with about 50 people ahead of us) until 5:30 when we were let in and the show started at 7:00. It was quite amazing to say the least. Special effects were super-superb, especially the size differential between the different ships -- fascinating. The story itself was gruesome, exciting, humorous, and thoroughly entertaining. It looks as if many critics think the to be the best of the series. Today in The Citizen Return of the Jedi was rated ***** which is as high as you can go."

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