Monday, February 15, 2010

Colour & Activity Books

A series of colouring and activity books were published by Merrigold Press in 1979, again capitalizing on the imminent release of Star Trek: The Motion Picture. I picked up a few at discount from Sears at some point during the 1980s.

Rescue at Raylo consists of a simple narrative spanning several colouring pages followed by a few activities. Although the cover depicts Spock in ST:TMP, all of the interior illustrations are TOS-based.

Futuristic Fun dispenses with the narrative; it includes a few colouring pages along with a large number of activity pages (mazes, connect-the-dots, etc.)

A Blast of Activities includes a simple story and several activity pages. No ST:TMP shot on the cover this time; instead, a shot of Spock from the original series.

Planet Ecnal's Dilemma jettisons the activity pages, instead concentrating solely on a simple story spread across colouring pages.

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