Sunday, February 14, 2010

ST:TMP Mego 3 3/4" figures

Mego celebrated the first Star Trek movie by releasing two lines of action figures -- a 12" line and a 3 3/4" line. I fondly recall receiving an assortment of the 3 3/4" figures as Christmas gifts in the early 1980s.

Admiral James T. Kirk. Pretty good likeness, with the face capturing some of his steely determination.

Mr. Spock, looking appropriately aloof and quizzical. The ears turned out a little over-exaggerated though.

Doctor McCoy, not looking happy. Suffering from the after-effects of the transporter, no doubt.

Scotty is another good sculpt, although mine suffers from uneven-leg disease -- in this pic a hairpin under one foot is allowing him to stand upright.

The Decker Unit sculpt seems a little generic, and I don't recall him wearing a mango yellow suit in the movie. (Though to be fair, I've seen him in something similar, though less mango-y, in publicity shots.)

Ilia is a little better off, though again is dressed in an outfit which she didn't wear in the film.

Facing the final frontier together.

The Klingon sculpt may be the coolest of the bunch.

This fellow is a Saurian, but Mego misidentified him/her in their packaging as a Rigellian. My trusty diary indicates that I received this one as a Christmas gift which I opened on 23 December 1983.

Here we have a Megarite. A black cloak is included with this figure.

A Zaranite.

An Arcturian. This and the Klingon are the only aliens to also be featured in Mego's 12" TMP line.

There is one additional alien in the 3 3/4" lineup -- the Betelgeusian -- but I don't have one.

Front of one of my cards. (Fortunately I kept a few of these rather than tossing them in the trash as I had done with the 8" TOS figures.)

Back of one of my cards.

This was a decent series but I definitely prefer Mego's 8" TOS figures.

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