Sunday, February 28, 2010

Pocket TOS Fiction 1990

1990 was the last year (to date!) in which I bought an original Trek novel. During the year Pocket released one hardcover, 5 original paperbacks, and one paperback edition of their hardcover from the previous year.

The paperback edition of The Lost Years by J.M. Dillard was published in August 1990. My copy is from the first edition.

My one and only hardcover Star Trek novel purchase was Prime Directive by Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens. It was published in September 1990. My copy is from the first edition. I don't have a record of my purchase date, but I do know it was purchased in a bargain bin for $4.99, so it might have been a little while after the publication date.

The other Trek novels featuring the original crew published during 1990 were:
- #48 Rules of Engagement by Peter Morwood, February 1990
- #49 The Pandora Principle by Carolyn Clowes, April 1990
- #50 Doctor's Orders by Diane Duane, June 1990
- #51 Enemy Unseen by V.E. Mitchell, October 1990
- #52 Home is the Hunter by Dana Kramer-Rolls, December 1990

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