Friday, February 12, 2010

My Star Wars Adaptation

When I was in grade five (Sept 1977 through June 1978) I tried my hand at an adaptation of Star Wars. Outside of school work, I believe this was the first piece of fiction that I had ever written. I'm unclear as to the extent to which I had been exposed to Star Wars at that point -- I may have seen the film once, I may have read the Lucas novelization and perhaps I had some trading cards, but that would have been about it. This could account for some of the astonishing discrepancies between my version and the original!

Oh, did I mention that I did the artwork as well? Saint Threepio was one of my creative additions. (Actually, I think that is supposed to be a shot from a blaster above his head.) I also love the "My best" tag, which I suppose was literally true since it was also my first.

My Mom asked the secretary at my school to type up the manuscript for me. I suspect the secretary may have originated some of the typos -- it looks like I made a pass through with Liquid Paper and a pen to correct some of the more flagrant offenders. Here are a couple of sample pages, including the spine-tingling climax.

Did I mention that my art skills leave a little to be desired?

After a year or so gap I re-launched my "writing career" in the latter half of 1979. Initially for my own enjoyment, I eventually submitted a few of my stories to Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine in the early 1980s. I didn't make a sale, but I do have fond memories of the experience.

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