Monday, March 29, 2010

DC comics 1988

After missing the last 3 issues of DC's monthly comic book in 1987, I got back on track with the January 1988 issue. I managed to pick up all but one (#55) of the remaining books in the series, which ended with the November 1988 issue.

Above: Issue #46, January 1988, "Getaway"

Above: Issue #47, February 1988, "Idol Threats"

Above: Issue #48, March 1988, "The Stars in Secret Influence"

Above: Issue #49, April 1988, "Aspiring to be Angels"

Above: Issue #50, May 1988, "Marriage of Inconvenience"

Issue #51, June 1988, "Haunted Honeymoon"

Above: Issue #52, July 1988, "Hell in a Handbasket"

Above: Issue #53, August 1988, "You're Dead Jim"

Above: Issue #54, September 1988, "Old Loyalties"

Above: Issue #56, November 1988, "A Small Matter of Faith"

Issue #56 was the the final issue of the first DC monthly series. However, less than a year later a second monthly Trek comic from DC (featuring the TOS characters) was launched. The 2nd series lasted 80 issues, from October 1989 to February 1996.

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