Sunday, March 21, 2010

DC comics 1985

DC continued their monthly comic through 1985.

Above: Issue #10, January 1985, "Double Image"

Above: Issue #11, February 1985, "Deadly Reflection!"

Above: Issue #12, March 1985, "The Tantalus Trap!" I picked this up on 28 December 1984: "I...finally picked up a copy of DC's Star Trek comic book, #12. I missed issues 10 and 11. Apparently the mirror universe crew has taken over the Excelsior while Kirk & company have taken the alternate Enterprise. In this issue, the alternate Enterprise warp engines explode but good Kirk separates the main saucer hull (I've waited years for that) to escape, eventually subduing the alternate universe baddies. However, on Vulcan, the two Spocks are locked in mental combat."

Above: Issue #13, April 1985, "Masquerade!"

Above: Issue #14, May 1985, "Behind Enemy Lines!"

Above: Issue #15, June 1985, "The Beginning of the End..."

Above: Issue #16, July 1985, "Homecoming..." This issue wrapped up the 8-part New Frontiers mini-series.

Above: Issue #17, August 1985, "The D'Artagnan Three"

Above: Issue #18, September 1985, "Rest and Recreation!"

Above: Issue #19, October 1985, "Chekov's Choice!"

Above: Issue #20, November 1985, "Giri"

Above: Issue #21, December 1985, "Dreamworld"

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