Saturday, March 20, 2010

DC comics 1984

DC Comics kicked off their first monthly Star Trek comic series in early 1984. I was tipped off a few months early, as this 7 October 1983 diary entry attests: "I also bought the November Starlog from which I learned that a new Star Trek comic book detailing the adventures of the Enterprise and its crew after ST:TWOK is to hit the stands soon. I will have to make a point of looking out for it. It is to be put out by DC Comics and will consist of original stories up to the time at which they intend to put out a comic adaption of ST:TSFS."

Above: Issue #1, February 1984, "The Wormhole Connection" I picked up the first issue on 2 December 1983: "Today I finally found the first issue of the new Star Trek comic book. I'm happy to say it is pretty good, with better illos than the Marvel comic, a good cover and a fairly good plot. The only real mistake is the portrait of the Enterprise bridge which is totally wrong. It look oval-shaped rather than circular. A scene with Dr. McCoy and Saavik is particulary memorable. [Note: I don't remember this scene!] The story by the way, begins right after the events of ST 2: TWOK. Kirk has regained command of the Enterprise and united all the regulars back."

Above: Issue #2, March 1984, "The Only Good Klingon..." I picked up the second issue on 15 December 1983: "Today I found the second issue of DC's Star Trek comic book. It was just as good as the first."

Above: Issue #3, April 1984, "Errand of War!"

Above: Issue #4, May 1984, "Deadly Allies!"

Issue #5, May 1984, "Mortal Gods"

Issue #6, June 1984, "Who Is Enigma?" I picked this up in mid-April 1984, per my 21 April diary entry: "Last weekend I bought issue #6 of the new DC comic book. I had bought the first two issues of the comic back in 1983 but then missed issues 3, 4 & 5. The quality of the first two issues has not decreased at all I'm happy to say."

Issue #7, August 1984, "Pon Far!" [sic].

Above: Issue #8, November 1984, "Blood Fever"

Above: Issue #9, December 1984, "...Promises to Keep" I picked up issue #9 on 22 September 1984. "Today I went out and bought the December issue of DC's Star Trek comic book, a story entitled "New Frontiers". The tale starts off just hours after ST III as Kirk and company say good-bye to the recuperating Spock and head back to the Regular Space Station in the Klingon cruiser. Kirk has to approach Carol with the news of David's death. At Starfleet HQ, Styles is dispatched with the Excelsior to find Kirk and return him to Earth. As Kirk, Carol and others pay tribute to David in the Genesis Cave, the scene shifts drastically. In an alternate universe Kirk, Spock and the crew of the Enterprise to extract vital info from Carol Marcus. They then destroy her and the SpaceLab. In the mirror universe we visited 15 years ago, the Genesis Project is apparently a project to enter the universe or ours in order to capture, conquer and destroy. Another surprise in this issue was the publication of one of my letters. I must have sent a few months back commenting on issue #6."

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