Sunday, March 28, 2010

DC comics 1987

I continued to buy and read the DC Star Trek comics through most of 1987, though I did miss the last three issues of the year.

Above: Issue #34, January 1987, "The Doomsday Bug!, Chapter One: Death Ship!"

Above: Issue #35, February 1987, "The Doomsday Bug!, Chapter Two: Stand-Off!"

Above: Issue #36, March 1987, "The Doomsday Bug!, Chapter Three: The Apocalypse Scenario!"

Above: Issue #37, April 1987, "Choices!" This book basically picks up from the end of Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, with Kirk and his old crew beginning a new cycle of adventure aboard the NCC-1701-A.

Above: Issue #38, May 1987, "The Argon Affair!" This was a one-off story set during the time of Kirk's first 5-year mission.

Above: Issue #39, June 1987, "When You Wish Upon a Star...!" First of a two-parter featuring our favourite con man, Harry Mudd.

Issue #40, July 1987, "Mudd's Magic!"

Issue #41, August 1987, "What Goes Around..."

Issue #42, September 1987, "The Corbomite Effect!"

I missed the October, November, and December 1987 issues of the series.

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