Sunday, March 28, 2010

Anticipating The Next Generation

Word of a possible new live-action Star Trek series on television must have started at some point in 1986. I was excited by the prospect of a new series and followed its development closely, largely via newspaper articles and Starlog magazine.

Above: Newspaper article from July 1986.

Above: Plan A was to launch The Next Generation on Fox's new network, but those plans fell through.

Above: An 11 October 1986 newspaper article announcing the return of Star Trek to television.

More information on the new series, published shortly after the October 1986 announcement.

A short article from December 1986.

Above: Throughout 1987, David Gerrold published updates on the production of the new series in Starlog magazine. Here's a report from February 1987, published in the June 1987 Starlog.

Above: More details from a July 1987 newspaper article.

Above: Another Gerrold report, published shortly before the series debut.

Above: I experienced even more anticaPAYtion than others waiting for the TNG premiere -- it was delayed over a month for the Ottawa market.

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