Wednesday, January 27, 2010

TOS Fotonovels

Back in the Stone Age, before DVDs or even VCRs, the photonovel was the king of cool. I recall voraciously devouring several of the Star Trek fotonovels I borrowed from my friend, Martin Haulena. I may have borrowed some from the library as well. Eventually I picked up a few for myself:

The three fotonovels above -- #1, #2, and #12 -- were purchased on 19 July 1985. They remained my only TOS fotonovels for nearly25 years until one day...

After spending a few days sifting through my Star Trek goodies I was tempted to try to fill in a few particularly aggravating holes. On 29 January 2010 I ordered three more of the TOS photonovels from a Canadian seller on marketplace. Sometimes I wonder what it would have been like if online shopping had been available when I was a teen. I suspect I would have been much poorer for it!

In all, twelve TOS fotonovels were published by Bantam Books. See Memory Alpha for additional details.

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