Monday, January 25, 2010

EMCE Retro Mego Figures

Starting in 2007, EMCE Toys brought to market a new line of Star Trek "retro" action figures. Some were nearly identical to those manufactured by Mego in the 70s. Others featured characters not released by Mego, yet produced in a "Mego style". I purchased the figures below on the sixth of March 2009, from a store called Sir Games-A-Lot in Barrie, Ontario.

Sulu, who had not been part of the original Mego line.

Chekov, who was also MIA from Mego's 70s originals.

Much better. A very nice update on Mego's Gorn design. One that actually looks like a Gorn! Nice job, EMCE.

The legendary Mugato. Descended from Gumato warriors, but more likely to bust a move than break your arm. Just don't call him Mugatu. Peace out.

Labelled "The Keeper" (as it was for the original Mego release), this figure much more resembles Balok's puppet from The Corbomite Manuever than it does the mind-reading eggheads from The Cage. To add to the confusion, Mego even released a separate figure named "Talos" which did resemble a Talosian from The Cage (albeit wearing a clown suit). Make sense? Only if you take into account that these aliens were designed in the mid-70s. 'Nuff said.

Here we have a generic inhabitant of planet Cheron. Again, this is a copy of the Mego original.

Here we have a Romulan, bearing a slight resemblance to Mark Lenard's Romulan commander in Balance of Terror.

Romulan with headgear in place. Again, the Romulan is pretty much identical to the Mego original.

EMCE's retro packaging is quite nice, featuring original Mego artwork on the front and a staged scene on the back.

The original Mego artist returned to draw Sulu, Chekov, and the corrected Gorn. Nice nod to the past.

The great thing about the EMCE re-release is that it allowed me to nearly complete my Mego TOS collection. Of those figures that featured in Mego's original lineup, I still don't have "Talos" and "Neptunian" -- they weren't part of the EMCE series. Also, EMCE released (limited release, I think) a sweet Khan figure which I don't have. However, I was able to fill out the Enterprise crew and add some of the cool aliens which I had longed for when I was younger. Thanks EMCE!

More info on the EMCE releases can be found at the Mego Museum site.

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