Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Mego U.S.S. Enterprise Playset

Another popular item from Mego was the U.S.S. Enterprise playset, sized to fit the 8" Mego action figures. It was the scene of many thrilling adventures at my household during the late 1970s.

The playset folds up nicely and features a handle so you can take it to your friend's house.

The left side of the playset features a transporter room and also contains a fold-out panel which can be extended (as it is above) to unveil a stand-up workstation.

The bridge features prominently in the center portion of the playset.

The right side features another room on the Enterprise; its exact nature is limited only by your imagination!

The transporter can be manually spun using the blue knob. Each side of the transporter chamber is colour-coded (green side shown above) -- pressing the green button stops the spinning transporter with the green side forward, pressing the red button stops it with the red side forward.

The back of the playset includes a hatch for removing transported crew members.

Bridge accessories include a captain's chair, a console, 6 unique viewscreen images and two black seats, one of which is missing from my set.

Captain on the bridge! I was going for the iconic Shatner leg-cross. This is the best I could do with 30+ year-old plastic joints!

I love this shot. Somehow it say it all.

The triumvirate.

The crew.

The classic overhead bridge shot.

Montgomery Scott and his lady.

Three double-sided viewscreen cards come with the playset, with three space scenes and three planetary scenes.

Detail on the console.

Mego logo on the outside of the box.

Best. Present. Ever.

Plenty of cool information regarding this playset can be found at the Mego Museum.

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