Tuesday, January 25, 2011

SF Shops

Much of my SF book collection was purchased from a handful of used book stores across Ontario. New books were usually purchased from retailers like W.H. Smith and Coles. However, on occasion I did drop by specialized SF shops.

Our Grade 12 geography class journeyed to the Big Apple for a few days back in 1985. I'm sure we learned a few "educational" things while we were there, but what I most remember was a late night jaunt to Dangerfield's comedy club, the deportation of two of my roommates mid-trip back to Ottawa, and my solo visit to the The Science Fiction Shop, from which I'd previously ordered several books via mail order.

I also dropped into Bakka bookstore in Toronto one time with my Uncle, and there found a treasure trove of books and old SF pulps.

Back in Ottawa we also had a few shops selling books, comics, and trading cards and showing genre films which I patronized:

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